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Wealth Transfer

With the back drop of the ever changing tax code, high-net worth clients look to industry experts for guidance in securing their wealth for generations to come. Under the current estate tax laid out in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, exemptions for the federal estate, gift and generation-skipping tax transfer taxes were permanently set at $5M indexed for inflation with the maximum tax set at 40%. With these exemptions, in many estates, with well guided planning, standard techniques and properly placed life insurance can minimize or offset the impact of this tax on high-net worth clients’ families. However, in very large estates, these exemptions and standard techniques cannot do enough.

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*Hypothetical example based on mid term AFR of 2.27%, long term AFR of 4.05%, 6% annual growth on assets. Assets are valued at $80.5M gross plus an $8M gift of remaining unified credit. This example does not represent a guaranteed result or an attempt to sell a product of any kind.

Copperstone Partners specializes in wealth planning services that employ advanced tax planning, life insurance selection and design. We provide affluent individuals with sophisticated methods of preserving and enhancing their wealth. Copperstone Partners’ distinctive strategies are developed in collaboration with an elite team of domestic and international legal tax specialists to ensure the most innovative strategies for clients. We help clients and their advisors navigate the complexities of policy evaluation, estate preservation, and how to structure estate assets to minimize tax liabilities.