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Insurance Policy Review

Copperstone Partners works closely with our strategic network to provide extensive policy review to their existing clients at no charge. Through this policy review and analysis, the advisor and their client can know they have the right product to meet their needs at the best possible cost.

In 2000, a study by Trusts and Estates Journal revealed a startling statistic: 85% of life insurance policies owned within trusts, could obtain a 40% reduction in premium costs or obtain 40% more death benefit for the same cost.

As a whole, society is living longer with improvements in medicine and health awareness. This has caused life insurance rates (aka mortality expenses) to come down dramatically over the past 20 years. Unfortunately, this is not reflected in existing policies; only in new policies as carriers create new products and pricing. To add “insult to injury,” policies tied to interest rates and/or the stock market have performed poorly leaving the policy in jeopardy of inadequate funding and thus the potential for lapse. Finally, the life insurance industry has undergone dramatic changes with mergers, acquisitions, demutualization and the move towards an independent brokerage model (not having to work for a carrier to sell their product). This increased competition has brought new, innovative and less expensive products to market.

To maximize the value of your life insurance investment, a Life Insurance Policy Review should be performed every 24 months to make sure that the policy is still suitable, competitive and performing to expectation.

  • Below are some staggering statistics to consider.
  • 92% of existing trust owned policies could be restructured to provide 20% greater value
  • 85% of restructured policies provide either a 40% increase in death benefit or a 40% reduction in premiums
  • 1 out of every 3 life insurance policies held in trusts will lapse prior to the payment of a death benefit