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Insurance Planning

There are various forms of life insurance and an even greater number of uses. No two clients are the same in their need for an estate plan or life insurance in that plan. At Copperstone Partners, we understand the various uses of life insurance and we understand the intricacies of the various products and carriers on the market today. It is our job to stay on the cutting edge of the industry so that we can educate and inform our clients and their other advisors to make the best possible choice for each individual.

Many clients already have life insurance of some form. As a free service to our advisors, Copperstone Partners offers an extensive Policy Review and Analysis to ensure that the client has the right product at the right price and that it is adequately funded.

At Copperstone Partners, we help clients utilize life insurance for various forms of estate planning, including estate liquidity to mitigation or elimination of estate taxes. We also help our clients use life insurance as a tax free investment vehicle, including cash value life insurance like Indexed Universal Life and Whole Life to Private Placement Life Insurance for the qualified investor.