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Estate Planning

At Copperstone Partners we understand that there is a broad range of use for Life Insurance in estate planning. Some uses include:

  • Liquidity for the surviving spouse or children
  • Conversion of non-liquid assets to a liquid inheritance
  • Buyout dollars for a jointly owned business or farm
  • Payment of estate taxes to secure the family wealth
  • Creation of a philanthropic foundation above and beyond the family inheritance
  • Advanced usage in strategic planning to mitigate or eliminate a taxable estate

Copperstone Partners understands all the aspects of estate planning for high-net worth clients and works closely with the top advisors around the country to take advantage of new products, new laws, new treaties and regulations.

There is a wide variety of different kinds of insurance and carriers. It is our job to educate the client and the advisor and allow them to make the decision as to what is the best fit to design the estate plan as they choose. We are the experts in our industry to bring the best solution to high-net worth clients.