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About Us

  • Sophistication -Our team has decades of experience working with high net worth clients on the most advanced estate planning strategies, whether domestic or foreign in nature. We are here to help your clients (and their team of advisors) design their life insurance strategy to maximize their legacy plan. In addition, we are here to serve as a sounding board to help your clients understand the various strategies and "schemes" with which they will undoubtedly be approached with from the life insurance industry.
  • Unbiased Approach -With access to 40 of the nation's top carriers, our team works to formulate the best portfolio of life insurance with the lowest cost and highest internal create of return (IRR). Whether performing an analysis on existing coverage or obtaining new coverage, we do not bring a bias as to which carrier we use.
  • Focus -Life Insurance can be a very confusing and convoluted space with incredibly complex products. Their pricing structures vary greatly and their features/riders are drastically different from carrier to carrier. At Copperstone Partners, life insurance is not only our core business, it's also our passion.
  • Guidance, not "sales" -While many carriers and agents are selling products based on hopeful assumptions, we cut through the marketing jargon and set our sights on only what is guaranteed.
  • Leadership -Copperstone Partners, through our focus on high-net worth estate planning industry, has been a leader in developing and implementing unique strategies that use the existing tax structure to our clients’ advantage. We have been leaders in all areas of the industry including Private Placement Life Insurance where the Copperstone Multi-Series Insurance Dedicated Fund allows clients access to the top hedge fund and money managers in the industry in a tax-efficient investing environment.
  • Service -Our team understands that high-net worth clients demand and deserve a level of service that is second to none. In addition, they expect privacy and discretion, particularly when dealing with medical records and other private information such as medications/treatments. We work to make the life insurance procurement process as simple and smooth as possible by incorporating such services as application interviews so the client can avoid cumbersome paperwork.
  • Tools and Technology -Copperstone Partners has built our own propriety technologies to add additional value to clients and their advisors. Our patent pending policy review software, My Life Savings, is now being deployed by other large institutions to help clients/advisors assess current life insurance policies.
  • Brand Recognition -High-net worth clients are used to working with quality institutional brands. Copperstone Partners has worked hard to be known as "the" brand for high net worth individuals and their life insurance needs.
  • Advisor Network -Over the years most of our high-net worth clients have been referred to us with a team of highly competent professional advisors already in place (attorneys, CPA's etc..). Not only do we have the experience and ability to work with this team, but we also bring a value add to highly technical structures. If a client comes to us without a competent advisor relationship, we have a close network of nationally recognized professionals we can call upon.